Friday, April 21, 2017

Letter From Wogistan: Dear Kim

                                        The Democratic Republic of Wogistan (Inc.)
Office of the Foreign Secretary
123 Bruce Springsteen Boulevard (third door on right). Telephone: 125.

Presidente Kim Jong-Un
Presidente For Life
People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea
North Korea.

Greetings from the Peoples of Democratic Republic of Wogistan.

Our xalted leader, Presidente Yoseph Flagrantlie (God give him long life and much children), great admirer. He share many of your policys.

He want visit your kingdom for state visit. He say he will bring his family to meet what left of your family. He also bring natural wine of our country and prettiest sheep.

He show soldierarity with great peoples of Democratic Republic of North Korea against bad peoples of United States of America. Join you in parade.

Need name of your hair cutter two. Want appointment.

Please send plane, but not one built by your peoples who build your missiles.

Yoseph xxx
Yoseph Wankerstan
Foreign Secretary The Democratic Republic of Wogistan (Inc.)
Proprietor Spartacus Male Gym and Bathhouse.

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